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Why Your Memory Sucks When You’re Getting Older (And How to Fix it)

Many people are familiar with the phenomenon that the older they get, their memory deteriorates. It becomes more and more difficult to learn and remember with age.

Scientists have now discovered what happens in the brain and why this applies to many.

Neuroscientist Joe Z. Tsien, of the Medical College of Georgia, discovered during a study that at a young age your brain is better able to strengthen and release certain neural connections. While at a later age the critical process of releasing these connections becomes more difficult.

He also discovered that the neurons in the brains of young people can communicate with each other for a fraction of a second longer. This leads to strong connections that are crucial for memory function and therefore development.

Tsien concluded that when the brain is good at making connections, but less good at releasing certain connections (=forgetting ‘noise’), this can cause a kind of congestion in the brain, making learning new things more and more difficult. The functioning of long-term memory is slowed down by this process, which is called ‘information sculpting’.

You can compare it a bit with a computer hard drive, which becomes too full with unnecessary files, making it slower and slower.

Fresh start

Once you started your life without prior knowledge. Your mind was completely empty. You couldn’t do anything yet and you didn’t know anything yet. This was a perfect starting point, in which you absorbed an enormous amount of information.

Back then you had no ideas or opinions about the world around you. Everything you saw, heard, touched, tasted and smelled fascinated you.

From that open-mindedness and ignorance you grew up until now. And now your brain is filled with ideas, convictions, learned ‘wisdom’ and especially ‘noise’. These are the so called files that you do nothing with. They only hinder the functioning of your long-term memory.

As a child you learned very quickly. Your brain was like a sponge, soaking up all the information around you and accepting it uncritically. Things your parents taught you, family, teachers, religious leaders, your classmates… It didn’t matter. You more or less simply accepted what you were told.

When your brain is too full

Learning something completely new, without any prior knowledge or experience, usually succeeds fairly smoothly. You will especially notice that it becomes difficult if you want to learn things that you already know a thing or two about.

You tend to think ‘oh I already know that’, ‘oh yes, that’s the thing’, or after a previous attempt to learn something you have convinced yourself that you can’t do that, that it’s not for you. Maybe you think that your parents didn’t like it and you don’t either.

Sometimes it would be desirable if you could put aside all that former information stored in your brain. Just start  learning from scratch, without all that ‘prior knowledge’.

To be like an ignorant child again, who simply learns and discovers new things, without judgment. Without being hindered by prior knowledge or limiting beliefs.

It IS possible

I developed a great listening session, where you put aside all the information and knowledge you have stored and make room for new things, which you then absorb as easily as before.

It’s like a full dining room table on which everything has been put down and laid out and you can’t put anything on it anymore. And because it’s completely full there is hardly any room to put down another plate. Only when you have cleaned up all the things that should not be on it, you’ll have the necessary space to eat relaxed at the table.

And that clearing up can be that you temporarily put everything in a big box, until you’re done eating!

How would you like it if you notice that you can make space in your brain, so that you can suddenly learn and remember things much more easily? And what if you discover that you can remember everything just as quickly and easily as when you were little?

Improve your memory now

With the session called ‘Activate Your Beginners Mind’ you open your brain, clear the noise, and park old beliefs so that you are no longer hindered by past knowledge.

When you combine this with the session ‘Super Memory’, wonderful and amazing things will happen. Everything that you see, hear and read, and experience, will be remembered so much better. As a matter of fact, your memory will become perfect. Learning something new will be so much easier for you.

If you want to take a course or training, or just want to improve your memory, just listen to these two sessions and your memory will improve undeniably. Or what if someone tells you something, and you can flawlessly reproduce what was said? You will amaze yourself and others with your strong memory!

You can download BOTH sessions now for only $67 (normally $69.99 each).

Click here, make room in your brain for new things and improve your memory, now!

Download here

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