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I am someone who loves sweet things and I wanted to get rid of it. Multiliminal made me curious! The calming and soothing voice also

I was not very familiar with these kinds of downloads. But since the doctor couldn’t do much with my problem, I started trying it anyway.

Dear Michel. I listened to your free download ultra deep relaxation yesterday. How nice that when people subscribe to the newsletter. They also get a

Last night right before bedtime, for the first time I did a session of meet your double in a parallel universe. Bizarre!!! I just went

Dear Michel, I have been listening to the psoriasis sownload for several weeks now and I am very happy with the results. My Psoriasis is

I had to get used very much to the feeling I had when I did the first session. I experienced so much peace. it was

Hi Michel, I have now bought all three 🙂 for my girlfriend. Also bought the stop smoking sessions before and am very satisfied. Good that

Dear Michel, Some years ago I ordered this course. At the time I was living in Thailand and I wanted to return to the Netherlands,

Hello Michel Lejeune, I am very satisfied with the hypnosis course cure Diabetes. I’ve been taking this course for almost 14 days now, twice a

Dear Michel Lejeune, Unfortunately only got around to a session once, but am already very enthusiastic. Very happy with your work and grateful that it

Hello Michel. Just a quick note here about my results from the session: ‘lower your blood pressure’. I have been doing it for a month

I was tremendously skeptical at first. I have purchased a number of downloads and I can tell you that michel is extremely good and I

Yolandi Malida Megan
I ran into problems at work because I often said I would do things and then did it only at the last minute and it

A few weeks back I signed up for the free session for ultra deep relaxation. I have listened to it several times now and so

Hello Michel! Haha, I have been telling myself for days that I have complete control over my bladder and hurray! I have already cycled a

Hello Michel, My name is Ida and I am 77 years old. I have done the sessions ‘allergy’ twice. I notice that I am much

Insomnia is something strange. Something that’s supposed to be natural (sleeping) didn’t work anymore. I was tired during the day and thought I would definitely

Dear Mr. Lejeune, In September we had a very brief contact regarding a discount code that did not work (anymore), you were kind enough to

I ordered your Diabetes download for my friend. She is unfamiliar with the computer phenomenon. So I do that for her. Last weekend she listened

Dear Michel, I don’t know how you do it but your multiliminal downloads work wonders. I have dealt with a lot of painful issues in

Dear Michel, I have already listened to it 2 times. Luckily I do not have diabetes myself but my mother is close to it and

I am dealing with a lot of stress due to cancer and the additional states like finding the right treatments/insurance reimbursements etc. I use the

I’ve been working with the weight loss program for about 2 weeks now and have to say it’s working great! My diet has completely changed

In one word great this guided meditation, it works so well I am very satisfied. The other one I had from you is also good,

Dear Michel, I have no questions about this particular session but I do have a question about when your session(s) for heavy smokers will be

Dear Michel Lejeune, Thank you very much for your email, I have listened to master your mind many times and it is for me one

Hello Michel, My husband is doing the allergy free session and he’s very happy with it, except for the sneezing in the morning. But I

I recently completed the physical flexibility download session, and just wanted to let you know, wow, what a wonderful feeling! Finally I can walk again

Michel, I have downloaded several sessions and listen to them regularly, e.g. Manifestation. I find that one very good and effective, but I don’t have

Hi Michel, Ideally I would like to share our experience on your website in six months, because of course it is about the long term.

Hans & Dory
thank you for this pleasant introduction and thanks for all the fascinating information I received. at the moment I especially like (I know most of

Hello Michel, sorry for my late response. I downloaded the session help with diabetes a while ago. My thanks for that. I have listened to

Hey Michel, I listen to the download every day and still I have pain in my left leg during the whole session. After the session

I’ve been working with the weight loss program for about 2 weeks now and have to say it’s working great! My diet has completely changed


Finally a guided meditation with a voice telling me to stay awake, without my thoughts wandering and then falling

I was always curious about how hypnotherapy works. Multiliminal was and still is a challenge for me. The choice is large on the website, so

Hey Michel, I did the Ultra high Metabolism session 6 days in a row now, and on the 3rd or 4th day I got the

Hi Michel, I did the ‘develop a language talent’ download once. The funny thing is that I speak, write and read French reasonably well. But

Psoriasis or eczema? had a biopsy taken of my skin at the hospital. I was given dermovate ointment. My whole back, palms and forearms were

Hi Michel. I have been under hypnosis more than once. From experience I know that it works. I have listened to your mp3 several times

Hello Michel Lejeune, Almost four weeks ago, I received the course “Help with Diabetes” from you. I listened to this session for three weeks in

By chance I found the site of Multiliminal. I did the session a few times against colds and flu. I felt very relaxed and it

Hello Michel, I picked the chakra healing session because I was told that my energy path is blocked, turned 180 gr. so to speak. Since

I was always very restless and had difficulty concentrating. Also when I practiced my sport that is Billiards it was difficult to keep the focus.

Now after two weeks of working with the session psoriasis my comment on it. First of all it makes me very relaxed and sometimes I

Dear Michel, I hereby want to thank you very much for the download!!! I have had a fever of around 40 degrees Celsius for 2

Yesterday I emailed Michel with a personal problem. I got a very nice mail back with two download proposals, one ‘Stop self-sabotage’” and the other

Dear Michel, I had been dealing with the psoriasis problem for a long time, and I just couldn’t get rid of it. At some point

Hello Michel, I have done this session for a few weeks now, and I am very excited, the complaints I had after eating cheese have

Haven’t listened to this session very often yet, but I got some gains anyway! The worst ringing is gone. Now it varies between almost completely

Hi michel, I did the session last night. After 7 months of having hives, today is the first day that I have had true 90%

The right thing at the right time to stumble upon…. In this case awareness of the physical body…. And in this case the right discount

In the past few years, I have been through quite a lot. That’s why last year it suddenly went wrong with me (panic and anxiety).

I did the program reverse the aging process for the first time. What I notice so far is that within the fourth download (rejuvenating energy)

Dear Michel, I have not drunk a drop of wine for three weeks now after listening to the download “alcohol addiction” only three times. I

I downloaded a number of sessions. I don’t know yet if they have any effect. I have the idea that I sometimes unconsciously receive instructions

regarding,,flu and cold!!!!!I find it,,,,creepy,,,, that it works after one time,,,doing,,already!!!! wonderful never experienced anything like that, fantastic experience.. and that course about yourself,,,,it is

Hi Michel, I have listened to the session several times and I feel good about it. More balanced and more centered, so a positive result!

I downloaded the program against Tinnitus a few days ago, I have played the session 4 times now and for the first time in 15

Hello, everything is fine and clear. Am familiar with sessions and this method, I have ordered several downloads from you some years ago and have

My girlfriend often complained that I always left things until the last minute and I was so tired of that. I was tired of often

Hello Michel, First of all, thank you for the email last week. Very good that form of guidance. The downloads meet my expectations very well.

Your asking how am I doing, I am doing very well. I listen to the download every day, my blood pressure has already dropped forty

Hello Michel, What a great download! My spots are already visibly disappearing and the session really calms me down. Really awesome!!! Thank you so much.

Dear Michel, It has been about a month and a half now that I have started listening to your downloads and mainly the multiliminals. I

Hello, Michel Thank you very much for your mail, I have listened to the session (ultra-high metabolism) 3 times now (of which I fell asleep


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11 Responses

  1. Hi Michel,
    I bought the download “ultra deep relaxation” which lasts an hour or so and it’s very pleasant to listen to. I always drift off during the session and sometimes I think I really have fallen asleep but at the end of the session I always become alert again as if I had just woken up. Can you do this session twice a day? I do it once a day now and I notice that I feel better. I was already feeling good but it seems like I get an extra boost.

    1. Hi Hank,
      Glad you are having positive results with ‘Ultra Deep Relaxation’. Yes, you may do this session as often as you like. So 2 times a day is fine.
      Kind regards,
      Michel Lejeune

  2. I have purchased a number of downloads and I can tell you that michel is extremely good and I would absolutely not want any other hypno therapist but Michel. I felt the need to let people know that michel really is a top hypno therapist, so now I want to share my reaction.

    I was very skeptical about these different hypno therapies and did not believe in them at all. Among others the hypnosis session: become a money magnet. You would think it’s nonsense, and this just won’t work. I don’t know how michel managed it beats me, the money came to me from all sides!

    After doing the ‘money magnet’ session, many more clients came to me, for example on ebay, than if I would not do the session.

    This is so bizarre, I have no words for it! ( Does this have to do with the law of attraction like the book: the secret? ) You would think that it only takes place in your head but that is absolutely not the case as buyers did not perform hypnosis sessions.

    Michel helped me enormously not only with the session ‘money magnet’ but also with the session: ESP, develop extrasensory perception. Of course this is not an everyday subject, and difficult for many to grasp, yet I wanted to know more than just the physical world.

    The 1st session worked like a bomb! I only had to do 1 session and now about 1 year later it is still having a very positive impact on my life!

    I have been able to make contact with the non-physical world, including my deceased father. I can also hear the so-called spirit world with the naked ear. Seeing and feeling is then also the case!

    Again, you would think that it only takes place in your head and that you are just crazy, but michel can prove that it’s absolutely not the case!

    For example, I can know names of deceased people I don’t know at all! I can also know where someone comes from, what they do in everyday life such as work, and what kind of problems these people are having now. This is so bizarre, Michel is so good, I have no words for it!

    The free session ‘ultra deep relaxation’ also helps you to actually not be tense in life! Also, for example, I first listen to the session: ultra deep relaxation, then the session I want to do. This session “ultra deep relaxation” also helps me to enter into the other sessions in a relaxed way so that these sessions will be more successful.

    Recently I purchased the session: contact with your guide and I am very curious how this session will affect my life. Michel, I am your repeat customer! You can count on that! And for the people who want to try a download I only have five words for you: don’t think, just do it! You will see for yourself that Michel is a top person and this really can only have positive effects for you.

  3. I have now downloaded a few sessions and I am getting more and more excited about it all.

    The Master Your Mind session is a real eye opener. The words not and no must be erased from my system, which is a beautiful exercise but a difficult one.

    But it’s starting to come together. I was amazed at all the things I was thinking and what needs to be changed….

    The super confidence download has already proven its worth in a training that involved a lot of role playing, which I hate and get nervous about. But this time it went very well, and the tension was reduced to a minimum. Delightful. Thank you Michel

    1. I listen to the night session of super confidence almost every night, and often fall asleep before the session has even started.
      My question is should I try to stay awake first and listen 1 time all the way through or doesn’t it matter?

      1. Hi Lucy,
        Falling asleep with a night session is exactly the point. If you fall asleep, that’s fine! So it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep right away.

  4. Good Morning,
    I would like to get to know one of your sessions.
    Is there any way I can find a discount coupon somewhere?

    1. Dear Robert,

      Yes! If you subscribe to our newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time too, we hate spam too!), you will receive a 100% discount coupon for the download ‘Ultra Deep Relaxation’.

      This is a full session, which will allow you to perfectly discover how it works, how it sounds, etc.
      Best regards and happy holidays,
      Michel Lejeune

  5. Hello Michel,
    I am very satisfied and feel good about myself after listening to one or more sessions daily. More energetic, good mood. I do chakra healing, mindfulness training, master your mind and some other of your sessions. I follow you closely, also because you give out valuable tips and gifts quite often. I am happy to have ‘discovered’ you. Thanks !!!

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Dear Michel, I had been dealing with the psoriasis problem for a long time, and I just couldn’t get rid of it. At some point



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