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1 Secret to Mastering Your Karma and Achieving a More Fulfilling Life

The principle of karma refers to the spiritual effect of cause and effect, where your intentions and actions influence your future. Good deeds contribute to good karma, meaning that you will be happier in future lives. Conversely, bad intentions and actions contribute to bad karma, causing you to experience the consequences of your bad deeds in a future life.

It’s not only the past and future that counts

Karma is not only related to past and future lives. It can also be about cause and effect in your current life. Conversely, it may be that when you experience unpleasant situations in your current life, this is a result of a previous cause. It doesn’t matter whether that cause is in this current life or a previous life. In that case, you are experiencing a karmic burden.

With a karmic burden, you often encounter problems, of which you usually do not know the cause. Not knowing where certain problems come from, makes it difficult to solve them. Therefore, it’s helpful to gain more insight into your karmic past.

In order to understand karma, it is important to understand that our thoughts, words, and actions all have energy and that energy has the power to affect not only ourselves, but also the people and world around us. This energy can be positive or negative and it is this energy that determines our karma.

The boomerang effect

When we act in a kind and compassionate way, we are sending positive energy out into the world and this positive energy will come back to us in the form of good karma, like a boomerang. On the other hand, when we act in a harmful or negative way, we are sending negative energy out into the world and this negative energy will come back to us in the form of bad karma.

One thing to note is that karma is not something that is inflicted upon us as punishment for our actions. Karma is simply the natural law of cause and effect. Our actions and thoughts have consequences, just as a seed that is planted will grow into a tree. We are responsible for the seeds we plant and the energy we put out into the world.

What about reincarnation?

It is also important to understand that karma is not limited to this lifetime. The concept of reincarnation suggests that we will be reborn into multiple lifetimes, and the karma we create in one lifetime will carry over into future lifetimes. This is why it is important to work on creating positive karma in this lifetime, so that we can improve our chances of a better future lifetime.

By understanding karma and the law of cause and effect, we can take responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions and make conscious choices to create positive karma. Through meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection, we can gain a deeper understanding of our past actions and their effects on our present and future.

How do you clear your karmic burden?

The ‘Karma Under Control’ hypnotherapy download can help you gain insight into your past actions and their effects on your present and future.

You will see what mistakes you made and what you may still be making. Knowledge is power, and with your newly acquired knowledge, you will be able to change things. It can provide you with enormous “aha” moments. You will finally understand why things are going the way they are, after which you can prevent unwanted situations in the future, because you finally understand the lesson you should have understood.

By understanding and working through past negative karma, you can clear any karmic burdens and improve your chances for a happier, more fulfilling future. It’s an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and make positive changes in your life.


Karma is an integral concept in many spiritual teachings, and it’s the law of cause and effect that governs the universe.

It is important to understand that our thoughts, words, and actions have energy and that energy has the power to affect not only ourselves but also the people and world around us. By understanding the concept of karma and taking responsibility for our actions, we can make conscious choices to create positive karma and improve our chances for a happier, more fulfilling future.

The ‘Karma Under Control’ hypnotherapy download helps you understand why certain things (continue to) go wrong for you, or why you can’t get further in a certain area.

When you choose to clear a karmic burden with the help of this hypnotherapy audio download, you free yourself from problems from that moment on.

It is a fantastic way to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Karma under Control

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